Agile Training, Coaching And Health Checks

Training, coaching & consulting, including an Agile health-check which will enable your organisation to improve performance for Stakeholders, Scrum Masters, Product Owners and individual Agile team members.

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Agile Training

Agile training often begins with mind-set and willingness to sponsor an Agile Environment

Agile Unpacked runs training sessions ranging from a one hour introduction of key concepts for Stakeholders and Senior Management, to a three day immersive course which includes practical exercises which is for Product Owners and Agile team members.

Agile Coaching

We can help improve your Agile environment through individual and group coaching

Agile coaching is delivered on a regular basis – e.g. one hour a week for Agile team members, and on an ad-hoc basis – e.g. for new team members.

Coaching can be delivered one-to-one which works well for Stakeholders, Scrum Masters and Product Owners.

Group coaching can be delivered for Agile team members including PM’s, BA’s and Developers. For example to work through any current issues and to refine Agile processes such as User Story sizing.

Agile Consulting

Whether you have a mature Agile environment or you’re not sure where to start, we can help from Mind-Set through to Best Practices

Agile consulting works well whether or not your organisation already has an Agile Framework in place. If you do not have a framework, Agile Unpacked can help design a framework which fits with your organisations vision and ethos. If you already have a Framework in place, Agile Unpacked can help with any specific issues you may have including working out how to hire the right people to deliver high performing teams.

Agile Health Check

We can deliver an Agile health-check which looks at every aspect of your Agile Implementation, resulting in actionable improvements

Agile Unpacked can run a health check for your Agile implementation. This includes everything from mind-set, Stakeholders, Epics, User Stories, Acceptance Criteria, your Daily Scrums and Sprints:

Definition of success

Backlog Refinement

Epic, User Story and Acceptance Criteria structure

Sprint Planning

The Daily Scrum

The Sprint

Sprint Veolcity

Sprint Retrospectives

A health-check is performed in part off-site through analysis of your existing materials, and in part on-site sitting in on meetings and having one-to-one meetings with Stakeholders, Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Agile team members.

The output of the health check is a series of categorised actionable items for your organisation to take forward. Agile Unpacked can also be involved as a consultant to help deliver the required improvements.

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