Agile Unpacked offers training, coaching and consultancy services world wide

Agile Unpacked founder Neil has over twenty five years experience delivering projects primarily for Investment Banks, Wealth & Asset Management and Retail companies in London, Holland, New York, Paris and Sydney.

Neil’s track record of delivery using methodologies such as Agile and their associated tools, along with his own Agile Coaching training enables him to deliver Agile training, coaching and consultancy as an industry-insider rather than as a coach with no practical experience.

Banking clients include Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Barclays Capital and Barclays Wealth, HBSC, JPMorgan as well as smaller companies and start-ups.

Neil has created courses, trained and coached to a wide variety of clients since 1995, including Banking clients in London & New York, British Telecom in Glasgow, Olivetti in Turin and software companies in London, Dublin and Sydney, including Yahoo! Australia & NZ.

Neil has an Engineering Masters Degree from the University of Surrey (England).

Neil is an Agile Team Coach (ICAgile Certified Professional Agile Coaching).