Agile Sprints aren’t only for Software

Most people associate the Sprint with software development. This is not the case as Sprints can and should be used for Business too.

Business outcomes are just as real as software outcomes.

In software development your outcome might be to source and stream data in a meaningful way online.

In business an analogous outcome could be to run an RFP with vendors which may result in a Proof of Concept delivery back to Stakeholders to make a decision on which vendor to onboard. The outcome will have clear Acceptance Criteria and will decompose into User Stories for delivery over a number of Sprints.

Sprints & 3rd Parties

However, User Stories which are dependent on a 3rd party should be at a low enough level with useful Acceptance Criteria to enable progress which can be parked if need be for a Sprint while awaiting elaboration from the 3rd party.

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