Agility & Resilience

During a time of huge global upheaval, it massively advantageous to have an agile backbone to help deliver resilience

This article is being written in May 2020 as COVID19 appears to be on the decline, looking at globally reported death stats.

With many people being furloughed or let go it is a perfect time for organisations large and small to re-think how they can best grow again in such a way to make being resilient a part of their DNA.

Agile is not a panacea but it can contribute massively to developing resilience all the way from the Board through to Senior Management, Stakeholders and to individual Agile team members.

How can it do this? By focusing less on each individuals job title and location in a hierarchy and focusing more on broad skill sets (the elusive T-shape), creativity and the willingness and ability for members of an organisation at all levels to contribute to the Agile Mind-Set which in turn delivers Outcomes.

A true Agile Environment allows an organisation to easily change direction (I didn’t want to say “pivot” here, but here it is), whether that change is minor (e.g. reducing 50 features to 10 and doing them differently) to major (e.g. changing the actual nature of the products and services an organisation delivers).

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