Daily Scrum Health Check

If an Agile team is sub-optimal or worse dysfunctional, it will show in the daily scrum. This is the best time and place to start conducting an Agile Health Check.

Signs of poor mind-set and engagement include lack of attendance, lateness of attendance, overly brief summaries of where an individual is in the Sprint and lack of progress – e.g. continually rolling User Stories from day to day and then into the next Sprint.

At Agile 7 we can conduct a one-day health check on your Agile implementation as well as a deep dive which includes 1:1 discussions with individual Agile Team members including Scrum Masters and Product Owners.

The difference between firing and not firing on all cylinders for an Agile team is enormous in terms of collaboration and delivery.

To health-check your Agile environment please contact Agile Unpacked – we can help you make a difference