Giving useful feedback in Scrums

Be as clear and objective as you can during the Daily Scrum – use “SBI”…

Scrums can be rushed, stressful and a minefield of opportunity to annoy someone else in your Agile team.

Avoid phrases such as “You said …” and “You did …”

One way to avoid this stress and to contribute towards a constructive Scrum is to adopt the “SBI” way of giving feedback – Situation, Behaviour, Impact.


Describe the situation and be clear and objective about where and when it happened. For example “During this sprint twenty bugs were fixed but ten new ones have been introduced”.


Describe the behaviour your think contributed to the situation but again, be clear and objective. Don’t get personal. For example “The dev team are down two people this month.”


Describe what you think the impact has been and ideally contribute ideas which may help resolve the situation. For example “This has led to a degradation in the dev teams ability to fix bugs and deliver new functionality at the same time. One idea is to focus on bugs for the next Sprint, or reprioritise the new features.”

Agile Mind Set

As part of the Agile mind-set, keeping it real, objective and positive contributes significantly to success of individuals as well as the team and hence organisation.

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