GROW Your Projects Before They Start

What are your Goals, what is your Reality, what are your Options and how strong is your Will?

GROW is a very useful acronym which you can use before you embark on a new project or add a new Epic to your Stakeholders backlog. It describe the arc from knowing what you want, to knowing how to do it and whether or not you have the will.

G is for Goal Setting

What are your goals exactly? What is the desired outcome? Be specific.

EXAMPLE 1: I want to play centre for Manchester United.

EXAMPLE 2: I want an Aston Martin.

R is for Reality

What is the reality of you or your organisations situation?

EXAMPLE 1: I am 47 years old and so unlikely to play centre for Manchester United.

EXAMPLE 1: I have a car currently worth £12k and I earn £75k a year. A new Aston Martin could be out of my reach and not so popular with my wife as we’ve already decided to move house in the next year or so.

O is for Options

What are your options? Name them.

EXAMPLE 1: I could join a team suitable for my age range, or I could train to become a referee or linesman. Maybe I could join the Manchester United organisation in some way even if it’s for their junior teams.

EXAMPLE 2: I could save up and sell my car in order to buy a second hand Aston Martin. If I need a second car for the school-run perhaps I could lease a small car.

W is for Will

How strong is your will and that of your fellow stakeholders?

EXAMPLE 1: Actually, I don’t want to train three times a week to be a linesman for my local junior team which won’t guarantee I’d get into the Manchester United organisation. Perhaps my resources and will are better placed elsewhere.

EXAMPLE 2: If I save £X a month for a year then sell my current car, I’d be able to buy a second hand Aston Martin and lease a used Fiat 500. My wife is fine with this so long as it doesn’t impact our ability to buy our next house. I’m going to start this month and keep track of everything in Excel.