How Can the Agile Framework Help a Start-up?

There are three key ways adopting an Agile Framework can help a Start-up whether IT based or not

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, Agile is not just for IT departments or IT-based start-ups. Adopting an Agile Framework from the get-go can significantly help a start-up in these three ways…

Agile delivers clarity top to bottom

An issue in any start-up is being able to track all the tasks, projects and must-do-now’s.

An Agile framework (and associated tools) will enable you to answer questions such as:

What are we working on right now?

What’s next?

How can we articulate progress to our Stakeholders?

Agile delivers transparency of what you’re doing and why

Agile Mind-Set aside (that’s a number of posts which we won’t go into here) adopting an Agile Framework will enable everyone in your start-up to see what the Management Teams vision is, how that breaks down into headline outcomes (Epics) which enables individual team members to be clear on what they should be doing THIS WEEK to move the start-up forward.

Agile makes it easier to track progress and make objective decisions about prioritisation

The Agile approach enables a start-up to clearly articulate what outcomes have been identified, how success has been defined, how those outcomes have been broken down into User Stories, what has been prioritised and when, and how fast the Agile team members have been tackling the work.

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