Kanban as a Dashboard for Stakeholders

Kanban is often maligned as a simplified approach or the default thing to do when all other ideas and approaches fail, or cannot be agreed upon

What do Stakeholders Want to See?

A simplified view is often exactly what Stakeholders want to see.

It means Project & Program Managers have to summarise and articulate complexity into a simple, digestible form. This is in itself very useful for PM’s because the process of summarising and articulating into a clear form helps all team members clarify in their own minds what has been achieved, whats happening right now, and what’s coming next.

It also means Stakeholders can make better targeted decisions when presented with clear and summarised information.

If the status of a project cannot be simply articulated, something is wrong (which is also useful information for Stakeholders).

Kanban Prioritisations

To enable Stakeholders to update prioritisation’s (not that projects need that too often) it’s useful to add the most recent prioritisation’s to the To Do and Backlog items.

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