Why is a Daily Scrum so important?

The daily Scrum is an important part of the Agile Environment as it allows everyone in a team to understand very quickly what everyone else is doing and why.

A good example of a Scrum is where everyone gets together in person or on a call and there’s a quick round-robin where everyone gets to say what they’re working on and if they need any help. The process should be light touch. The Scrum Master should not overlay unnecessary layers of process, reporting, documentation or reporting on top of this (which is usually the case).

Remember that the Scrum Master is there to facilitate the daily process and to help escalate any issues especially to do with the Agile process itself to the Management Team.

If you think or feel that the daily Scrum is an unnecessary waste of your time each day then you’re Agile Environment is ready for a health check.

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